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Yancheng City Dafeng Xinzhongde packaging Co., Ltd
Yancheng City Dafeng Xinzhongde packaging Co., Ltd

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+86 134 8043 7155

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National hotline:

+86 134 8043 7155

National consultation hotline:

+86 134 8043 7155

20 years focused on developing packaging materials

The international first-class professional flexible packaging suppliers

We consistently adhere to the concept of the product quality is the first to establish a set of perfect quality management system Has obtained ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, QS production license、 ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, self-care inspection unit for the record registration certificate

Professional senior R & D personnel

And provide technical implementation plan

Company has rich experience in product development, production and product application of, in the understanding of user requirements, product functional design aspects, has a wealth of experience; Using the process of product, has a thorough understanding of the industry characteristics. Using the process of product, has a thorough understanding of the industry characteristics

High quality products To fully implement the quality management system requirements

Production strictly the quality pass

I ensure the continuous stability of product quality, the company has established the specialized laboratory, configuration of scientific, complete testing instruments. From raw material inventory to the finished product dispatch, the implementation of various physical and chemical indicators of detection. Effective control of friction coefficient, heat sealing curve, the strength of composite, moisture permeability and residual solvents in the air, heat sealing strength index.

Perfect logistics distribution services and after-sales service system

Let you have no trouble back at home!

Professional distribution transport, cross-regional long-term cooperation with several Courier service ability

Ensure that the product fast arrive using the scene! Covering a nationwide after-sales service network system, allowing you to find us at any time!

Professional service team, one-on-one technical guidance, to provide you with professional technical improvement of flexible packaging materials, project demonstration, engineering guidance, technical services;

Company profile

Yancheng City Dafeng Xinzhongde packaging Co., Ltd

Yancheng Dafeng new Sino German Packaging Co., Ltd. is a plastic color printing and packaging company specialized in various plastic soft packaging and printing businesses, providing professional soft packaging solutions. The service involves food, medicine, personal care products, electronics, daily chemicals, military industry, clothing, toys and other industries. The company has advanced computer program-controlled packaging and printing equipment, strong technical force, strict scientific quality management system. Provide package design, gravure printing, composite, cutting, bag making one-stop service. The company has high-speed printing machine, compound machine production line, high-speed cutting machine, inspection equipment, computer-controlled multi-functional bag making machine, three side sealing bag making machine, multi-fun.....

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